New Facility for Handsome Brook Farms in Morristown

October 7, 2022 – Handsome Brook Farms to invest $31 million, bring 140 jobs with egg processing facility

Morristown ushered in a new era by welcoming representatives of Handsome Brook Farms to its future processing facility in the East Tennessee Progress Center.

Handsome Brook Farms utilizes a network of farms scattered across several Midwestern states operating pastures to raise chickens that produce non-GMO eggs for the company.

The company will renovate the former Albea building to support its processes to intake fresh eggs then use a hard-boil and de-shelling system to produce ready-to-eat products for grocers and big box retailers.  The company anticipates that once under full products, the facility will be the largest of its kind in the country.

Morristown was once knows for its fried chicken dinners served to train passengers and has been home to Koch Foods, a chicken processor, for decades.  The arrival of Handsome Brook Farms offers proof that, in Hamblen County at least, there is no question as to which came first.

Handsome Brook Farms CEO Jordan Czeizler sent a statement, saying “On behalf of the entire Handsome Brook Farms family, I want to express how excited we are to join Morristown and the greater Hamblen business community.  As we looked at plants all around the mid-Atlantic and Southeast, we kept coming back to the very favorable business created by local, regional, TVA and state officials here in Morristown.  Ultimately, the decision to invest in Morristown became an obvious one.  The factors that you have created here have made this a very good place to locate a business.”

Representatives of local government and the city’s industrial development board gathered at the 80,000 sq. ft. facility, constructed in 2001, to make the welcome and announcement official.  “It’s always a great pleasure to be in one of our industrial parks and welcome a new industry into our community,” R. Jack Fishman, chairman of the Morristown Industrial Board.  Morristown Mayor Gary Chesney welcomed company officials and told them “on behalf of our city council, our staff at city hall, we plan to be great partners for Handsome Brook Farms.”  Hamblen County Mayor Bill Brittain said, “We’re just really pleased that you decided to locate here and especially repurpose this building for your processes.

Source:  Citizen Tribune

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